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Can I Get You A Drink?...

Hello Lovelies... When I was in my early 20's I was living on my own, struggling to make ends meet and I had the biggest piece of junk for a car. I was constantly getting stranded and my family and friends were getting pretty tired of rescuing me. I had my eye on this beautiful red sports car that I just had to have. It wasn't within my budget so I decided to get myself a fun and easy second job.

There was a restaurant right down the street from my apartment that was hiring for a part time cocktail waitress...perfect, what an easy, fun way to make extra money! Well, it's not as easy as it seems! I had to hustle...really hustle, people can get pissy if you don't get them their drinks fast! I also had to fend off drunk old men, but my biggest challenge was my "foot 'n mouth" syndrome and my coordination or rather, the lack there of.

On my first day at my job there was a very long wait, so I started to service the bar area, getting drinks for the waiting guests. A man ordered three drinks, one for his wife, his daughter and himself. One of the drinks he ordered was a virgin margarita. I returned with the drink order and picked up the virgin margarita, held it up to the daughter and said "virgin?" she shook her head nervously, "yes", so I handed the drink to her. "Oh no" she said, "the virgin Margarita is for my mother!" AWKWARD! Oh geez, I'm off to a great start!

A couple of days later I had a man offer me $100.00 if I would go arm and arm with him to a court hearing for his pending divorce. Oh brother...as much as I needed the money...no thanks! I got through the next several weeks with just a few minor incidents UNTIL I delivered a drink order to a table and proceeded to trip AND spill the entire drink right down the backside of the birthday girl. Happy Birthday, Honey!!!

Oh Crap...why do these things always happen to me? And why do I have to be so hopelessly clumsy? Alright girl, get yourself together, you need this job...remember that cute little red sports car? So I apologized to the group, paid for their round (ouch) and then promptly returned to the bar to replace the drink I spilt on the birthday girl. Upon my return to the table I tripped AGAIN and that drink went flying off the tray. Needless to say, my cocktail career came to an immediate end. Bye...bye beautiful red sports car!
xoxo Betty


  1. Oh man! This is why I know I could never be a waitress. I would be tripping and spilling drinks left and right.

  2. I was never a waitress, cocktail or otherwise, though I did go to apply for a job as a cocktail waitress while on crutches. The man doing the hiring asked how long I would be on them and as I had no answer for him, I was not hired. (I go a job in a sea shell shop instead.) I was never known for my gracefulness and have no doubt I would have had a similar experience to yours.


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