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Hello My Lovelies!...So happy you found me! Welcome to my debut post...I'm so excited! You caught me at the salon...finally getting my much needed 40-something makeover... So...what do you think of the color?

I think I might be going through a mid-life crisis and I'm trying to relive my youth...you know I did grow up in the 80's at the height of the punk age. I feel like I'm at this weired age and I'm stuck somewhere in between young and old, and how do I know when that elusive signature style that I adopted so many years ago stops being desirable and starts becoming embarrassing? And then there's my once lustrous tresses that were my crowning glory and have now become about as alluring as tumbleweed.

The last thing I want to do is dress like one of those women you see...you know the ones, those 4o-somethings that are wearing the crop t-shirt with jeans that are waaaay too tight and waaaay too much make-up. I also don't want to be the other extreme and be a frumpy 40 something, wearing elastic waist polyester pants with a boring solid tee shirt or floral button up blouse and my only accessory is sensible shoes! I'd rather gnaw off my left foot than be either of these!

My other problem...I absolutely hate clothes shopping, always have and it doesn't help when my 40 something body is changing. I've got plenty of things that have decided to head south and not to mention a few extra pounds...sigh. Then to add insult to injury you go into these department store dressing rooms with those gosh forsaken tri-fold mirrors that give you a view that you never see at home and would rather not see there either! I've never bought ANYTHING that I tried on in front of one of those mirrors! Heck, if they were smart they'd put in one of those carnival mirrors that make you look taller and thinner, then I might have bought something!

Well, that's it for today my lovelies...I think after I get my hair done I'll swing by the tanning salon, I think I'm looking a little pale and maybe then to Target or Walmart...they don't have tri-fold mirrors and their designer clothes selection is fabulous, don't you think?
xoxo Betty


  1. I love that picture of the mannequin with the pink hair in huge rollers. Oh wait. Is that you? Um, um, nice family photos on the side bar too. ;)


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